Full Electronic Systems, specialised in electronic communication

The company creates and develops electronic industrial communication products.

Created in 2006, Full Electronic System is the R&D centre and the production site of the holding ID-Links. The company creates, develops and manufactures electronic and information systems. Based on an in-depth knowledge of electronic communication and on the skills and competences of its production site, Full Elec can propose an integral project management service but also partial assistance to your projects.

Full Elec is able to adapt its services and products in a modular way to the project needs of the client and the markets involved. The holding ID-Links assures the administration and the purchasing of its corporate companies. Several partners, who, with their own valuable expertise, enable the company to offer global solutions, support iD-Links.

Our vision

Future French leader in Man Machine Interactions

For more than seven years we improve our understanding of the needs of the client in view of the technological evolution.

Thanks to this expertise, Full Elec develops its organisation, redefines its company mission and has grown into new offices.

This investment is appreciated by our clients and enhances the motivation and cohesion of our teams of specialists. Already well known in Rhone Alpes, our ambition is to become the French leader in communication products for the Man Machine Interaction market.

Xavier Dufour, President of ID-Links

Our values

Client satisfaction first

Every day, the teams of specialists of Full Elec work to satisfy the needs of our clients. To improve itself, Full Elec constantly adapts and optimises its organisation, the process of project management, its manufacturing processes, the skills of its employees…

Full Elec improves permanently its services :

  • innovation
  • creation
  • professional consultancy
  • Project management with fixed pricing and deliverables

Its goal is to offer the clients always the best innovating products at the best price thanks to the expertise of all the competences involved: electronics, software, industrialisation and production.

Our teams are at the client’s service

The commitment of all our women and men working in teams is focussed towards integration of the latest innovation in their technical realisations.

To ensure an optimal interaction with its clients, the project management of Full Elec is always in cooperation with the client. This results in regular meetings of all the people involved in the project that allows us to be more reactive. Our structured way of working and organising permits a high level of quality of our services and deliverables.

Thanks to our teams of specialists, who are constantly involved in a process of simple but permanent innovation, Full Elec can give you the most appropriate answers adapted specially to your situation. The company owns the most modern equipment that allows us to manufacture the most advanced products and deliver the best services in the market.