Full Elec manages the development of integrated circuits based on the needs of the clients. That is why we maintain a direct relationship between the client, the project manager and the development team.


Development of circuit boards and integrated circuits

Full elec is a developer of electronic circuit boards and integrated circuits starting from technological building blocks that are combined with software and mechanical parts. The electronic components we chose to use are the best fit for the application in the project and they are compliant to the technical specifications as agreed upon with the client. We develop the architecture and the electronic schemes, which enable to realise the future system. Our engineers are experts in digital and analogical architecture, as well as wired and wireless communication.

Examples of mastered technologies :

  • uC 8/16/32 bits (Atmel, Freescale, texas, MicroChip…)
  • analogic electronics (sensors, activators)
  • portable objects (batteries, RF, screens, touchpads)
  • digital electronics (FPGA, CPLD)
  • Bus and network communication (USB, CPL, CanOpen, Profibus, Ethernet)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, GPRS, Zigbee)


Development of embedded software

Full Elec is a developer of embedded software, firmware and connected mobile applications. An electronic system without embedded software is of little use. Our software development team integrates our knowledge of software, develops PC based software, embedded software based on Android or Linux, software without an OS, in close collaboration with the electronics department and the mechanical department. The software development team can also create software for smartphones and tablets based on Android or IOS. During the development process, Full Elec guides the client to make the best choices. Full elec develops the software applications in a structured and documented way, thus assuring a good serviceability and easy management to assure future evolutions.

Some examples :

  • embedded Linux, Windows
  • IOS, Android
  • C, C++
  • Javascript, PHP, MySQL