Industrialisation is the process in which Full Elect helps the client to pass from the prototype realised to serial production of his product.

Full Elec brings along its experience and appraisal in concept building and manufacturing of circuit boards and electronic integrated devices to guarantee a reliable and stable production process. To optimise R&D investments, the phase of Industrialisation should be attacked from the beginning of the project on. This way of working assures a cost-relevant and systematical production.

Full Elec uses a working routine of « cost objective development and industrialisation » : « DFx » that means « DesignedFor x »

Some examples of x :

DFp : Designed For Procurement : The industrialisation phase is based on a techno-economical analysis of the strategic components, looking for multi sourcing, avoiding obsolescence and looking for equivalences. Data acquired by the industrialisation process are constantly compared to those already available from the R&D process, thus facilitating the choice of the most suitable EMS (Electronic manufacturing Service).

DFma : Designed for Manufacturing and Assembly : the product design is optimised for the manufacturing and assembly process, in cooperation with the EMS, to reduce the production flow-chart and simplify the production process as much as possible, which finally reduces the production costs and enhances the reliability of the product.

Designes for test : The product design is optimised to simplify the production process and its final end control test, but maintaining a high level of testing.  On-line tests (AIO, mobile probes) are preferred to reduce the often very costly part of functional testing.

DFeco : Designed For ecology : The components involved are chosen by their  RoHS&Reach. Production processes and logistics are optimised and rebuilt to reduce the carbon accounting. Maintenance, disassembly end recycling properties are optimised to respect environmental demands.