Innovation / product creation

Full Elec creates and develops future products for his clients in active cooperation and a spirit of constant innovation.

We employ design techniques, user interfaces and mechatronics to create state of the art products.

Innovation, be it electronic or software based, is always in the focus of our thoughts. Women and men working at Full Elec are looking for and proposing the best available electronic techniques, state of the art information science and mechanics. They invent and create, together with our clients, the products for the markets of tomorrow. Based on just an idea formulated by our client, we start innovating technologies in a controlled way, working structured and methodological. In close cooperation with the client, we analyse the existing situation and let emerge the relevant ideas to create the final product.

After completion of the innovation phase, the product creation and development starts together with the client and taking into account the constraints of industrialisation, to achieve at an optimised production process. We analyse all the functions of the future device and elaborate the list of components needed, this in cooperation with the client. A technical and economical balance is made for every realistic option, to allow for the client to make  the best choice. This balance is followed by a primary study of the design and engineering limits, including an analysis of the intellectual properties, resulting in the necessary principal data for the product development and the development of a production process, which data also have to confirm that the initially calculated product pricing is realistic.

Full Elec can act with various objectives:

  • a project to study if an innovation is eligible for French tax reduction (CII, crédit impot innovation)
  • a feasibility study  that can be financed by CAPTRONIC or other instances
  • public-private cooperation programs
  • European collaboration programs