Full Electronic System proposes, in close cooperation with its partners, a production service for electronic circuit boards: as well for quick prototypes or for the serial production of electronic products.

Prototypes, preproduction series or serial production, whatever are your needs, Full Elec assists you to realise your development. Full Elec realises also the final quality control of the product to assure its proper functioning when installed. Full Elec can ship to your production centres or to the final customer, as you wish.

Some examples of technologies used :

  • printed circuits (PCB), single sided or multilayer classes 4 – 7
  • Fine Pitch technology, CMS, QFN, BGA (with X-Ray control)
  • Wiring of prototype electronic circuit boards
  • SMD reporting lines and  reflow processWave soldering for traditional circuit boards
  • End control of circuit boards by mobile probe, optical probe or test bench


Full Elec assists the client by proposing innovations in his manufacturing process, as well as in the quality control and thus helps to improve the Time To Market, a key factor to success.

Using all its industrial Competences, Full Elec optimises the manufacturing of electronic circuit boards at lower costs. For prototypes, small preproduction series or final series, Full Elec accompanies the EMS process (Electronic Manufacturing Services) to achieve the goal the client has formulated. Full Elecs services are high quality services at reasonable costs and delays. We try hard to assemble the products in France to enhance the competitiveness and reactivity of our clients.

Our proposal for you is :

  • optimisation of subcontracting
  • verification and optimisation of the bill of materials, reduction of obsolete products
  • realisation of testing strategies (test benches)
  • optimisation of the supply of components
  • traditional manufacturing, SMD and BGA (wiring of electronic circuit boards)
  • certificate of conformity
  • delivery at the right time and place