Standards and Certification

Product certification is one of our main competences. The team of Full Elec advises the client and offers solutions for the commercialisation of the certified product. Based on the prospects identified, Full Elec informs the client on rules and regulations that are to be respected, on the product characteristics involved and on the certifications needed. Full Elec can create all documents needed for certification. Full Elec has a working method that is based on a thorough analysis of the applicable standards and their implication, to achieve at a rapid certification, so that the client can be confident when the product is launched into the market.

The assets of Full Elec are :

  • knowledge of the legal context and details concerning the final product
  • know-how to integrate the standards to respect in the product technology
  • mastering the procedures of declaration of the product for the certification of conformity in Europe and all over the world
  • creation and editing of the necessary paperwork for the certification process
  • assistance with the product tests necessary for the certification

Full Elec accompanies his clients for

  • Europe : CE labelling, CEM directives, low tension applications, R&TTE and SAR (radiation) certification
  • World : CEM, radio and electrical conformity
  • North America : FCC for CEM and radio, UL for electrical conformity