Adapted solutions for each market

Full Electronic System creates, develops and produces industrial electronic components.
Thanks to a full understanding of the different uses in industrial environments, Full Elec is able to cope with demands
from all kinds of markets with a need for innovating and secure electronic developments.

Buiding-management Systems / Home Automation

As a specialist in communicating objects, Full Elec develops systems for building management.
The company develops electronic ways to detect, to command and to display information.
Sensors and detectors are used to watch a location to allow for an optimal management of lighting
and air-conditioning systems.

Remote controldetector of presenceremote verification of temperature and humidity

Solar energy for Lighting and Communication

For many years, Full Elec provides battery management systems for battery recharging by solar energy.
For his clients with applications under difficult external circumstances (in Europe, Canada and the United States) Full Elec has developed charging stations for different types of batteries that are conceived to optimise the charging and availability of energy. The company has, among others, realised a system to manage remotely the charging and power management of city lighting. The data collection and treatment is energetically completely self-supporting. Thanks to this experience of batteries, solar panels and managing electronics, Full Elec can accompany its clients in all kind of developments in this field.

LED lighting system with battery control

Centralised maintenance and technical management

Full Elec develops centralised industrial technical management systems.
The company masters bus and wireless communications, Man Machine Interactions and remote control
of automation. For many years, Full Elec accompanies its clients with the development of data-collection systems of activator-command systems. The company develops also specific devices for on-line and remote data-collection. Full Elec, specialised in communicating objects, can realise all kind of development in this field.

Telemetry and remote control

Health / Bio-Para-medical applications

Full Electronic System develops monitoring systems for medical equipment.
Thanks to its expertise in temperature sensors, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and cameras, Full Elec develops for its clients systems for medical equipment.
To command a temperature cycle, to analyse the behaviour of a pupil in the eye or to monitor the quality of the ambient air, Full Elec accompanies its clients all along their project.

Sales-assisting equipment for opticiansRemote control for air-analysing equipment of laboratoriesSpectacles with augmented reality