Connected Industrial Objects

Full Electronic Systems creates, develops and produces connected industrial objects.
For applications like the reading of counters, the detection of movement, the representation of video on glasses or the surveillance of tyre pressures, Full Elec is specialised in measuring, wireless communication and representing the acquired data. Full Elec proposes solutions adapted to every possible situation.

Detection and analysis of movements

Full Elec realised a magnetic gyroscopic accelometer to register movements of a person in a room.

Representation of video on glasses with embedded stereo sound

Full Elec realised the representation of images on the glasses of spectacles, while the arms of the spectacles render the sound.

Communication and charging by induction

Full Elec realised a device to communicate and charge a device by induction, which enables a permanent communication without physical contact.

Control of the Air-conditioning of an Intelligent Building

Full Elec has developed presence detectors and data loggers for application in the centralised control of intelligent buildings.

Pairing and setting by NFC

Full Elec has realised software to link a product and a smartphone by wireless communication

Remote reading of counters in an industrial zone

Full Elec developed and produces an industrial system able to read water meters remotely and to bill the charges automatically to the consumer.