Industrial Control Command

Full Elec has expertise on a wide range of technologies that enable the company to have a solution for all kind of questions concerning Industrial Automation. Pictograms lit by leds, automated control of motors, temperature control or product testing are some examples of expertise of Full Elecs capacity to product creation and development.

LED Lighting commanded by PLC

Full Elec used its module PLC (power line communication) to create an application to remotely command security pictograms.

Measurement and analysis of mechanical waves

Using its specialism of signal measurement and treatment, Full Elec created equipment capable of localisation of buried persons.

Automation of a mini photo lab

Full Elec has developed and is now responsible for the maintenance of the electronics and software of a mini photo lab. The automation, temperature control and paper transport are all connected by means of a CAN-bus.

Test rack for wireless products

Full Elec developed and realised a test rack for verifying wireless products. Self controlling or controlled by an external PC, the rack realises various tests in real time.

LED lighting system with battery control

Full Elec has developed drivers for powerful LED lighting and MPPT solar capturers in different varieties.

Component qualification bay

Full Elec created test bays to check the quality of components or to test products. The automation of these bays is based on the software LabView.

Energy management of Exhibition Halls

Using an Linux based automation software, Full Elec developed a box that is able to control the energy distribution by wifi. Internet access is also possible using Wi-Fi.

Functional test bench for circuit boards or electronic products

Full Elec develops test benches for use with printed circuit boards, based on standard commercial test benches.