Interaction Man Machine

Full Electronic System conceives, develops and manufactures industrial connected objects.
Reading counters, capturing movements, presenting images on the glasses of spectacles or checking the pressure of tyres, Full Elec is specialised in measuring, wireless communication et data representation. Full Elec proposes solutions adapted to every possible situation.

Measurement of relevant distances for Opticians

Full Elec created and produces equipment for opticians to measure the distances needed using ultrasonic sensors and digital signal treatment.

Watch with 3D-representation and personalisation of screens

By integrating a sensor of movement-detection, Full Elec developed an electronic circuit for the 3D representation.

Remote control and analysis of air

In the medical environment, Full Elec developed a device that is used in pharmaceutical laboratories to determine the level of small particles in the ambient air and to control this level.

Localisation of seamen fallen overboard

Full Elec developed and commercialises a device to alert and localise seamen fallen overboard. The product is very sturdy to respond to the rough climate at sea.

Telemetry and remote control

Full Elec develops and commercialises products for remote control, that can be customised for industrial installations.