Mastered technologies

Full Elec is specialised in a variety of technologies, including the most advanced and state of the art like NFC and Rfid chips. Full Elec can propose solution integrating these technologies to its clients.

Android, Linux, IOS

Full Elec has expertise in most current operating systems thanks to a great number of projects already realised for its clients.

NFC, Rfid

Full Elec is a specialist in the detection of consumables by Rfid and configuration of devices by NFC.

Batteries, charging and Uptime

Full Elec develops portable products using optimised batteries and chargers, dedicated to the involved use of the product.

Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetism, GPS

The different kinds of sensors involved in these technologies are one of the fields of specialisation of Full Elec to detect movements, measure speed or localise something.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPRS

Full Elec develops the electronic circuits and software for all kind of wireless communication

Ethernet, USB, CAN

Full Elec developes and integrates wired buses for communication between industrial equipment.