Android, Linux, IOS

Full Elec masters all major operating systems, a necessity to realise the various applications that were ordered recently.
Full Elec has even developed an own operating system to be used for real time data management called ARMINIUS. It is dedicated to ARM and CORTEX controllers. This OS is available for its clients including a boot loader, GSM driver, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Being a real-time kernel, ARMINIUS allows the execution of automation-tasks in a well-defined time-lap.
Another expertise of Full Elec is the Android OS, which is mostly applied in tablets and smartphones. It is an Open Source OS based on a Linux kernel.
Full Elec customises standard Android services like e.g. the use of the GSM network, Bluetooth applications, Wi-Fi – and data manipulation applications, MP3 and JPEG. For management use, GPS, touchscreen, storage, web browsers and other applications are available.
Full Elec also applies the Virtual Machine in Android, allowing executing Java scripts.
The Linux distribution use dis a standard one with customisations needed to embed the program in the final software of the product.
The Open Source makes it possible to benefit from numerous other developments and programs available. Linux is a performing and rather secure programming language. Full Elec uses it especially when a communication need with a digital network is involved. E.g. . Bluetooth applications, data collection applications can be based on Linux.
These professional applications can also be used on IPad’s.