Batteries, charging and Uptime

Full Elec buys batteries directly with the producer. As a developer of portable products, Full Elec integrates the requirements for longer uptimes with the needs to reduce their volume. In cooperation with the manufacturer prototypes are conceived using the latest available technologies like Li-ion, Li-polymer etc. 
Full Elec develops also the corresponding charger, fully adapted to the charging cycle and the mechanical constraints like maximum volume and thermal aspects.
Full Elec is specialised in the development of induction chargers. For all portable devices, the charging is a daily occupation. Full Elec calculates and develops wireless chargers that are daily used in al lot of industrial processes. Coils are customised and optimised for volume and energy flux. Full Elec also develops the electronic circuit that commands the charging process, thus resulting in a totally client adapted product. 
Full Elec can also integrate data transmission in the charging process by superposition.