Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPRS

Full Elec develops electronic circuits and software for all kind of radio frequent communication. Wi-Fi chips are used to communicate wireless between devices. This communication between digital devices is rapid and easy to use. Full Elec can develop the circuits and software to adapt the communication to the used processors, operating system and software distributions.
For communication at a lower level, Bluetooth is very useful; offering at a lower cost than Wi-Fi, data transfer to and between tablets and smartphones.
For proprietary industrial purposes, Full Elec uses often Zigbee or a transfer protocol at 868 or 915 Mhz.
These technologies are very adaptable and, in some cases, more powerful and well suitable to transfer data or control a system remotely.
GPRS is an extended GPS protocol. Full Elec applies this for remote control or communication to devices in a situation where there is no digital network available. GPRS allows establishing an IP based communication and can thus be used for remote control and remote maintenance purposes.